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Environment Monitoring

The unpredictable climate change is the immediate concern of all farmers, food processing companies and governments, off late. In such a scenario, have you ever thought about how you can contribute to curb the repercussions of climate change and sustain agriculture in India? Well, if it doesn’t concern your area of business, your awareness on such matters can help others in this business initiate a small change that will matter to the fast-paced diminishing environmental conditions. The business I’m referring is none than the Polyhouse farming or cultivation. Stunned? Yes, Polyhouse is one among few solutions to curb repercussions of Climate change and fuel a healthy environment for agriculture in India. Having said that, it is crucial to take note of how this can be done successfully.

Polyhouses are the new replacements of glasshouses that are expensive in nature, these polyhouses always serve the purpose of sustaining agriculture in any outdoor climate condition with added benefits. However, polyhouse farming approach comes with other challenges such as uncontrolled indoor temperature, moisture level and large CO2 emission leading to lack of oxygen. It requires extreme manual efforts in measuring the polyhouse indoor temperatures, humidity levels and accordingly operate water sprinklers and air circulations to facilitate crop cultivation for better results.

Internet of Things (IoT) based Real-time Monitoring Solution

IoT based monitoring solution paves way to provide exemplary levels of automated monitoring and alert mechanism to keep the Polyhouse indoor climate in control. With implementation of IoT, your polyhouse becomes a ‘Smart Polyhouse’.

How can IoT technology be applied to Polyhouses?

IoT based software solution deploys highly efficient sensors and internet gateway/router to keep track of various data points within the Polyhouse environments. These data points are consolidated in the cloud, analysed to identify accurate climate condition within Polyhouse environments without manual readings. These data can also be used to trigger automated SMS / Email alerts; whenever the indoor climate condition exceeds the required threshold. These data’s can also be accessed by Farmers anytime / anywhere for deep insights on the growth of plants.
Let’s see the list of application solution that can be helpful to enhance Polyhouse farming experience.

Temp / Humidity / Light Monitoring:

Temperature, Humidity and Light sensors measure the indoor conditions of polyhouse on period basis which are converted as digital data, following which are then transferred to IoT application hosted in a cloud over wireless communication. This data will be analysed against climate tolerance level set by farmers (according to crop) to find the emerging condition. If the measurement exceeds the threshold, an SMS / Email alerts can be triggered to farmers to take action.
A sprinkler automation can also be deployed to maintain the raising temp and bring it under control by automatically spraying waters within the Polyhouse.

CO2 Level Monitoring

CO2 enrichments are critical in Polyhouse framing to enhance the growth of plants and faster yields. It is a part of the process to combust natural gas to increase CO2 level. Due to its closed environment nature, CO2 level might decrease rapid as crops and plant take CO2 and emit just Oxygen. It is crucial that farmers should plan ahead and maintain CO2 levels without jeopardizing worker safety. IoT based CO2 sensors can be used to measure the CO2 levels within the Polyhouse environment to automate the combustion process without compromising worker safety.

Soil Temp Monitoring and Drip Irrigation:

Apart from Air Temperature, Humidity and CO2 level maintenance, soil level temperature and humidity are important as lack of right moisture levels and temperature results in crop failure. Drip water irrigation is globally proven approach to provide sufficient water supply in farming for less water expenses and more profit. Polyhouse environment requires automated drip irrigation approach to maintain accurate soil conditions. IoT based Soil sensors can be deployed in the framed polyhouse fields to gather the Soil temperature automatically and control the water supply sufficiently to various parts of the polyhouse fields to reduce the water expenses.

Rodent Monitoring:

Proximity Sensors that grasp motion detection can be deployed in polyhouses to keep track of the people or animal movements from time to time. It also helps in keeping check and alerts in case rodents enter the polyhouse structure. IoT technology strives with you to establish a healthy polyhouse, rich for harvest.

How Fogwing IoT Apps helps Polyhouse Farmers to adopt IoT technologies easier?

Fogwing IoT Apps are web-based application systems that encompass IoT infrastructure to solve complex business challenges. Fundamentally Fogwing IoT Apps are custom application modules on top of the Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform. Fogwing IoT Apps based Environment Monitoring Solution will address above discussed Polyhouse challenges.

As part of the Fogwing IoT Apps – Environment Monitoring Solution package, we provide sensors to measure Air Temperature, Moisture and Air pressure, CO2 sensors, Soil and Proximity sensors along with wireless Gateway / Router which will be deployed within Polyhouses. These sensors are internet connected that will collect various data points from Air and Soil then send to Fogwing cloud infrastructure. In the Fogwing cloud infrastructure, these data’s will be analyzed by our advanced data processing engine to validate the data integrity and accuracy. Farmers may set a threshold against these data sets to trigger automated alert for prevention of damage, loss of crops and plants in polyhouses. The customer can also access this data through Fogwing Web application dashboard. In case the threshold limits are being reached or has exactly reached, Fogwing will send signals to the microcontroller to turn on the fan, water or sprinklers (depending on the data threshold) to act on maintaining the preferred conditions.


On a concluding note, one can state with conviction that Fogwing IoT technology facilitates farmers to accurately measure working condition of a Polyhouse. It also helps to automate maintenance processes within the vicinity of a polyhouse and thereby assures a healthy harvest. By doing so, it conquers repercussions like that of climate change on the major occupation of Indians.

At Factana, through our Fogwing Industrial IoT platform, we offer reliable solutions that enable you to achieve success. Fogwing operates to provide systematic operations within polyhouses to ensure close maintenance, care and monitoring. As a cognitive platform, fogwing helps you access real time data that improves your polyhouse maintenance standards. Fogwing platform is engineered to suit your needs and provide services that lead to success stories! Grab the opportunity at sight and experience tech wonders! Visit our blog site to read more on interesting topics!

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